Decaversary, August 27th

Decaversary – Decade anniversary. Get it? Yeah…

This is the place where you can reserve your spot in the fantastic, amazing, most fabulous and intriguing 10-year anniversary you’ve ever been to!  So select one of the items below depending on what you want to do and get. Either it’s just entrance at 8pm or it’s the whole shebang with pre-party mingle at 6pm, food and wine, a cool t-shirt to remember everything with and a signed book by our founder.
It’s totally your choice! It is a once in a life time opportunity though, know what I’m saying? Right? Right.

So, the nitty gritty details then.

Where: Syntheist Node in Sickla, Stockholm, just a few minutes from the central parts of Stockholm.
When: Well, the 27th of August! The party starts at 8pm, but some will be joining the pre-party mingle at 6pm!
Why: …
Food: Yes, if you sign up for the pre-party mingle. It will be all vegan.
Drink: There will be a bar with very reasonable prices, to cover the costs of the bar, both alcoholic as well as non-alcoholic beverages will be sold.
Total guests: 150 persons is the limit of the establishment, so don’t be late. When we reach that number the possibility to reserve a spot will be closed.
Accommodations: In general, you have to find your own place to sleep. The node it self can probably host many of us (it will be very simple, think a floor, so bring what you need), but let us know if you need to sleep there so that we can plan for it. Make a note of it in the text field as you make your reservation.

So why isn’t it for free? Well, even pirates needs to pay for themselves some times. We exists solely on donations which means that we’re running on a shoestring budget so all need to chip in. If you can’t pay you can always ask Anton if there is anything that we need help with. Helping out prior, during and/or after the party will definitely be a way to get in for free!

Help us make it happen and to make it beyond our imagination! It will be spectacular!